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What does the Trump Administration mean for small businesses?

In a Weekly Small Business Thought earlier this month I said:

“The combination of wages rising, strong economic indicators, low interest rates, and a new U.S. Presidential Administration that figures to be business friendly should create a strong environment for small business in 2017.”

The January 2017 Monthly Jobs Report — President Obama’s last — showed that 156,00 jobs were added to the U.S. Economy in December 2016; bringing the unemployment rate to 4.7 percent.

These numbers are significantly different from President Obama’s first Monthly Jobs Report in February 2009; at that point unemployment was 7.6% and rising.

While the U.S. economy has yet to reach its full potential, President Trump inherits an economy that is solid. Here’s a few things President Trump has said he would like to do that will impact small businesses… Read more here…

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