Black Enterprise contributor Brandon Andrews sat down with Andrew Bentley for an interview about Bentley’s startup, Father Figure—a lifestyle brand that makes products for new dads. Bentley also spoke about his recent appearance on Shark Tank.


SHARK TANK - "Episode 902" - A graphic designer and a patent attorney from Olympia, Washington, have a high-tech way to make children's story time more magical, but the Sharks are skeptical of their business model; a father from Madison, Wisconsin, has a brand of functional paternity clothing for new dads; parents from Salem, Utah, bring in their five daughters to showcase a solution to hairy drain problems in the shower and bathtub; and a former pro football player and his business partner pitch a better version of a workout device, on "Shark Tank," airing SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) MARK CUBAN, SARA BLAKELY, KEVIN O'LEARY, LORI GREINER, DAYMOND JOHN, ANDREW BENTLEY (FATHER FIGURE)

(Father Figure CEO Andrew Bentley on ABC’s Shark Tank. Image: ABC/Michael Desmond)


Brandon Andrews: Father Figure is a lifestyle brand for dads. What motivated you to serve dads?    

Andrew Bentley: I’ve wanted to be a dad as long as I can remember. When I became a dad a little over two years ago I wanted to spend as much time with my son as possible. Thankfully, I had paternity leave that I used when my wife went back to work. Since my son was colicky, he was crying and spitting up a lot. I found I was losing burp rags at all the wrong times. I bought a glue gun and put a loop on a shirt to store burp rags. That’s when the LucaT-shirt was born!

As I became a stay-at-home dad I realized that most parenting brands and products were designed for the mother experience. After talking with a lot of my dad friends and conducting some research I saw clearly that there was a big need for a lifestyle brand focused on dads.

Some may see being an entrepreneur with a young child as a sacrifice. I see it as a privilege. It motivates me. It makes me a better entrepreneur. My goal is to always prioritize my family and to have at least one day a week that I’m spending time with my children.


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