She won the pitch competition with an innovative woman’s product

On the show “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome,” entrepreneurs pitch in a head-to-head competition to “The Funderdome” (a live studio audience) for the chance to win up to $100K in capital. The pitch that gets the most votes wins the money. Before the winner is announced, both competitors get the chance to “Cash Out” for a lower sum of money.

Tanya Tibbs of Roswell, Georgia, pitched her product – The V-Smart Bar – in the Funderdome. Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships (an agency that helps bring diverse entrepreneurs to the show) sat down with Tanya after the show for an interview.


(Tanya Tibbs, Steve Harvey, and Grant Morningstar (left-to-right). Image: ABC/Lisa Rose) 

You are passionate about female health and wellness, tell us about the V-Smart Bar.   

Tanya Tibbs: The V-Smart Bar is an herbal and essential oil based feminine hygiene bar that helps women with most common womb and skin issues. It was created for one of my sisters many years ago when she was suffering from womb and skin issues. The bar has a very powerful ingredient in it called goldenseal which is known to help cleanse the impurities out of your blood. I know that most common feminine hygiene products offer chemicals and perfumes which can cause irritation, dryness, and odor. I wanted to offer young girls/women an alternative non-fragrance line of soaps and womb wash for a holistic approach to feminine care.

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