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On February 25th, I joined Scott Salyers – head of casting for ABC’s Shark Tank – in New York for the first stop in a series of private casting events focused on bringing more diverese ideas and voices to the show.

We kicked off the tour by celebrating the two-year anniversary of an incredible social entreprise in Harlem, New York; Silicon Harlem.

Silicon Harlem - Shark Tank Tour

Founded by Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln, Silicon Harlem is a social venture designed to transform Harlem into a technology and innovation hub. Each month, Silicon Harlem gathers innovators, entrepreneurs, and community members at Madiba Harlem at MIST for a meetup to showcase entrepreneurs and build community. Several hundred attendees filled the theatre at MIST to celebrate two years of Silicon Harlem and hear directly from the casting team for ABC’s Shark Tank.

Scott Salyers from @ABCSharkTank pitching to the crowd at @SiliconHarlem 2 year anny. #harlemtech

After a brief introduction, Scott Salyers introduced the crowd to the Shark Tank casting process and took questions. Entrepreneurs were given a special link to apply for the show. Check out the entire conversation here:

Each entrepreneur referred by Silicon Harlem will be contacted by the casting team and fully vetted for participation on the show. While nothing is guranteed, making these connections is critical for both the show and the community.  Potentially seeing entrepreneurs from Harlem on the 7th season of ABC’s Shark Tank is a thrilling notion. Showing this bourgeoning community of innovators, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs that they are supported is even more exciting.  

Next, we will be introducing the Shark Tank casting team to entrepreneurs at 3 events in Washington, D.C.

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