I am excited to moderate the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum during Millennial Week 2015!

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Now in its second year, Millennial Week is a first-of-its-kind conference produced by and for millennial leaders, innovators
and attendees. The mission of Millennial Week is to promote ideas and trends reflecting the impact of millennials on culture and
society. Millennial Week events focus on the contribution of millennials in three key areas: entrepreneurship, politics and

In America, 75 million millennials – born from 1981-1997 – are slated to comprise up to 75 percent of the American workforce by 2025. In 2015, the oldest millennials are turning 34, entering the age that – historically – has been the prime age for entrepreneurship.

Innovation and intrapreneurship are  essential to engaging millennials in the workforce. Empowering younger workers with involvement in sustainable innovation is an investment in future leaders. As millennial workers seek to innovate, create, and own projects companies that invest time and “skin” in innovation are retaining workers and becoming market leaders.

Implementing start-up practices within a large organization can produce valued innovation, and give millennials experience that will assist them with starting their own businesses.

Despite being the most highly educated generation in American history with significant exposure to entrepreneurship education, the rate of entrepreneurship for Americans aged 20-34 fell from 34% in 1996 to 23% in 2013. Coming of age during the Great Recession, underemployment, higher rates of student debt, and lower asset accumulation are all affecting the rate of entrepreneurship for a generation that has the potential – and interest – to be the greatest in American history.

On June 18, 2015 we will discuss innovation, intrapreneurship , and entrepreneurship for millennials. A few amazing millennial entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs will join me for the discussion at 1776 in Washington, DC.


Greg Vetter

Greg Vetter Millennial Week 2015

Greg is the founder and Oldest Brother (CEO) of Tessemae’s All Natural. In the span of five years, Tessemae’s has become the #1 selling fresh condiment company in Whole Foods, Safeway, and Costco. Along with growing success at the register, the Greg and his brothers were recently recognized in Inc. magazine’s 35 Under 35 List for 2015 and ultimately won the Readers’ Choice Award for Top Entrepreneurial Company. Greg and Tessemae’s are regarded as the leading instigators in the clean eating movement.


Chris Galang 

Chris Galang Millennial Week 2015

Christopher Galang is Diverse Segments Manager for Wells Fargo’s Small Business Segment, which services the bank’s portfolio of business customers with annual revenues up to $2MM.

In this role, Galang works closely with partners across the organization to develop and execute the small business strategy for customer segments, including African- American, Asian, Latino, LGBT, Veteran, Millennial and women-owned business owner segments. This includes identifying market trends, gathering and synthesizing input from stakeholders to determine key opportunities, making recommendations that integrate diverse segments into business strategies and implementing new customer- centric approaches and programs that serve across the various customer segments.


Over the next two weeks I will be writing posts on millennial intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship; check back for an in-depth look at both from a millennial perspective. I cant wait for the discussion on the 18th, I hope you will join us. As we prepare for the discussion, I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Tweet them to me @brandontalk with hashtag #MWDC15.

RSVP HERE – http://www.eventbrite.com/e/millennial-week-dc-2015-registration-14500636795

Millennial Week DC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

Thursday June 18, 2015 6:30pm – 8:00pm
1776 (1133 15th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20005)



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