This week, I had the opportunity to guest lecture in the COM 370, Publicity and Media Relations class at Trinity Washington University #funtimes.

Guest lecturing tonight on consumer behavior at Trinity University. #analytics #Comms

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The topic of the class was “Selecting the Right Audience – Consumer Behavior.” I had a great time sharing and learning with the students who began working on PR plans after the class. I used Ryan Leslie’s #Renegades Club, built on the Disruptive Multimedia (DMM) platform (his tech startup), as part of a case study on consumer behavior.  I compared Ryan Leslie’s career to that of Soulja Boy who has also used tech tools – digital distribution platforms and social media – to share content.  According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Grammy nominated and Ivy League educated Ryan Leslie has a net worth of ~$3M.  Soulja Boy has a certified platinum album – and a net worth of ~$25M. Check out the recap and presentation below.



Ryan Leslie scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT while in middle school, skipped high school, and graduated from Harvard University.  He also plays several instruments and is a grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and producer.

Ryan is a talented and successful artist, however, he has yet to reach the highest levels of success in the music industry in terms of volume. Ryan’s influence in the industry is significant as he has produced and managed several successful artists, in addition to managing his own career.

Soulja Boy has a certified platinum album. An achievement that requires significant skill, and work, a lot of work.  Ryan has the talent and his putting in the work, so why has higher volume eluded him?

He gives a nod to Soulja Boy and other artists that have leveraged new media and digital platforms:


Ryan knew he needed to leverage digital platforms, social/new media, data, and his own skills to build relationships with his fans that lead to support for his music.

He came up with the #Renegades Club built on the Disruptive Multimedia platform.



Check out the full presentation below, and let me know what you think about Ryan Leslie’s desire to disrupt the music industry by empowering artists to use data to build relationships. Think this will change consumer behavior?



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