Tulsa and Charlotte are grappling with the all too familiar reality of black men being killed in recent police involved shootings. As Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for the first 2016 Presidential Election Debate, the nation is — again — asking why.

In the past week, Clinton and Trump have responded to the tragic loss of life with Trump saying “the situations in Tulsa and Charlotte are tragic.” Clinton has said “this has got to end.”

Exactly how either candidate would act as President to bring an end to the violence and the bias that precipitates it remains to be seen. Monday night, the candidates will get their chance.

The topics for Monday’s highly anticipated debate are America’s Direction, Achieving Prosperity, and Securing America. If the candidates want to ensure America is moving in the right direction, prosperity is in reach for all, and that the nation is secure; they should speak to the needs of black entrepreneurs.

First, racial bias is a core problem in this month’s incidents, and those like it in recent years. Without addressing bias and dismantling the systems that support it, the progress that our nation so desperately needs will not happen. Both candidates must address this.

Often, it is the intersection of race and socio-economic status at which the effects of bias are felt most. In Tulsa, Terrence Crutcher was killed after his car stalled on the highway. He had just left class at Tulsa Community College. In New York, Eric Garner was choked to death while selling loose cigarettes. In Baton Rouge, Alton Sterling was killed while selling CDs.

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