Equity crowdfunding can create investing- and wealth-building equity for diverse entrepreneurs

Providing consumer products to customers anytime they need, Jetpack is a “last mile,” on-demand service with delivery times often less than 15 minutes.

Jetpack is one of several black-owned companies currently running equity crowdfunding campaigns. Equity crowdfunding allows anyone to invest as little as $50 in early-stage companies, a privilege previously reserved for wealthy, “accredited investors.”

Goldman Sachs estimates that equity crowdfunding has the potential to be a $1.2 trillion industry. For diverse founders, equity crowdfunding can be a game changer for companies seeking investment. Moreover, it’s a wealth-building opportunity for investors previously restricted from investing in startups.

Brandon Andrews sat down with Jetpack founder and CEO Fatima Dicko to discuss her business and the new opportunity presented by equity crowdfunding.


Brandon Andrews: Tell us about Jetpack. How did you develop the concept, and what problem does it solve for customers?   

Fatima Dicko:  Jetpack is a peer-to-peer delivery platform that brings you the products you need in less than 15 minutes. There are a lot of moments when college students need certain products right away and stores are either too far and/or closed, or students just don’t have the time or energy to travel. Traditional delivery platforms take too long because students and professionals are located in buildings or on campuses not easily accessible to the public. Whether a student is studying in the library and needs an energy boost or in between classes and forgot a charger, having the right product right away can change the entire day.

I started noticing that students on Stanford’s campus were using email listservs to blast people within their dorm for products they either forgot or didn’t have and needed right away.  That paved the way to our solution: Jetpack! We pre-stock students with the most important items inside cool backpacks, and then we use technology to connect people who need things with the student Jetpackers who have them. We pay Jetpackers to distribute the products.


Jetpack Backpack with Products










(Jetpack Backpack with products. Image: Jetpack)

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